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Buying your first car, where to start?

Once you’ve passed your test you don’t truly feel real freedom until you own your own car.

When buying your first car there are quite a few things to consider. So here are a few hints and tips to help you find your new set of wheels.

Be realistic – When you first past your test you may be thinking you can get the car of your dreams but the reality is budget can often get in the way.

The benefits of a new care are that they will have more safety features due to the advances in technology, plus they usually have a warranty and will likely be more reliable than a second hand car. However, if chosen wisely a second hand vehicle can serve the same purpose as a new car without the hefty price tag.

When looking at buying a car, be mindful to include all those additional costs of getting your car on the road such as, stamp duty, registration fees, insurance, pink slip etc.…. Factor all costs into the budget you have available to you.

If you have no budget constraints, it is good to keep in mind that a new car once driven out of the showroom will drop in value considerably. When you’ve passed your test, this is the time you truly learn to drive and you may make mistakes, the pressure of keeping a new car in pristine condition can make your learning curve a little more stressful.

Dealer vs Private – A dealership can save you time by showing you a number of cars in one viewing, however you will be paying a little more for the ease. The dealer usually provides a warranty so that you have the luxury of knowing your car will be covered if there are any issues.

A private seller can usually offer you a great deal, and depending on their circumstances you may get a bargain. However, be mindful to check the car over to ensure its mechanically sound and also a quick financial check will ensure there is no outstanding finance on your new set of wheels.

Stay within the law – P Platers cannot purchase high performance, super-fast vehicles, so make sure you are within the safety guidelines as laid out by the Queensland government.

Finance – Make sure you do your homework if you are getting finance, look for the best deal around and do not over extend yourself, the burden will overshadow the joy you will feel of owning your first car.

Research – Make sure you look around to see what prices cars in the same condition and age are so you don’t over pay. Try and take a parent or friend with you so that you can’t get carried away with an emotional purchase.

Other factors – Bear in mind when you first own a car a smaller car will likely be cheaper, easier to park, cheaper to insure and probably provide you with more than enough space.

When you’ve test driven the car, you’ve done all your homework, you’ve looked at your budget and you are ready to purchase, make sure you look into some basic mechanics to ensure your car is on the road for many years to come.

Enjoy your freedom, but ensure you are safe and in control at all times.

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