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Want to learn to drive?

Driving lessons with Pedals Driving School can speed up your learning process. We make it convenient. We’ll pick you up and drop you off from your choice of locations, such as your school, home or work. If you’re juggling a few commitments, we’ll give you flexible booking options. Appointment times include all day Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings.

We make you comfortable. You’ll learn in an air-conditioned late-model car. Each car is fitted with dual controls, meaning that your instructor can help ensure your safety if you make an error. And when it’s time to take your driving test, you can use one of our cars.

We make it fun. We know that stress and pressure makes it hard to learn driving (or anything else), so we’ll never shout at you. We’re here to help you gain your independence and stay safe.

We keep it practical. Our lessons are designed to help you learn to drive according to the road rules. And, most importantly, we teach you road safety skills. We want to make sure you’ll know everything you need once you’re out driving on your own.

Learner Drivers

Our driving classes are great for learner drivers of all ages. With manual and automatic driving lessons to choose from, you’ll be ready for your driving test before you know it.

If you’re 25 years old or younger and living in Queensland, you need 100 driving hours logged before you can sit your driving test. In New South Wales, it’s 120 hours.

For the first ten hours of lessons, one hour in a Pedals Driving School lesson is worth three hours in your learner logbook. Log your first 30 hours this way and get a great headstart.

We provide cheap driving lessons Gold Coast wide, and we have a high first-time success rate for driving tests. So, you can get your provisional licence ASAP! Talk with our friendly team to book your first lesson.

Pre-Test Assessment

If you’re getting ready for your driving test, a pre-test assessment is a good way to prepare. We’ll assess your driving skills, identify anything that might need improvement, and help you get to know common test routes. This is one of the secrets behind our high success rates.


Are you teaching your son or daughter to drive?

If you’re struggling to find the time, worried about safety, or just looking for support from a professional instructor, Pedals Driving School can help.

All cars are fully insured and fitted with dual controls, protecting your son or daughter if there’s an error made. Road safety skills are important to us, so we focus on defensive driving techniques. We can organise pick-ups and drop-offs at convenient locations, such as home and school. To learn more, talk with our friendly team.

Update Your Knowledge
Do you need a confidence boost on the road?

We have lessons to assist licensed drivers who haven’t been in the driver’s seat for a while. We can also fill in gaps in your knowledge if you’ve moved interstate. And, if you’re a former licence holder or older driver, we can help you prepare for re-testing. Talk to us to arrange a lesson to suit your goals.

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