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Do you need driving test practice?
It can be stressful getting ready for your driving test. You want to pass the first time, if you can, but you might not know what to expect. Maybe, you’re not sure if you’re ready.
At Pedals Driving School Gold Coast, we provide pre-test assessments. These are driving lessons which are designed to assess your driving skills. We’ll give you driving tips about areas that might trip you up in the driving test.

We’ll also preview the test area near you, and take a look at some possible driving routes that might be used for your driving test. It’s like a practice driving test, designed for you.

You get custom driving test practice, so you feel prepared when you book your test. If you like, you can even sit your test using one of our cars, so you’re in a familiar vehicle.

We’re proud of our high first-time success rate for passing driving tests. And, we think these pre-test assessments are one of the reasons behind our success.

If you want to book a pre-test assessment, talk to our friendly staff. Good luck with your test preparation!

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