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Ensure your insurance covers you.

After years of nursing and nurturing your children they eventually grow up and become young adults that want to learn to drive and get their keys to freedom.

Whilst you want to be there for your child, teaching them to drive can be one of the most stressful and traumatic times. This is a time when even the most logical people can crack under the pressure.

Whilst you will all make it through the process unscathed and maybe stronger for it, there are the occasional few that may have an unfortunate accident whilst teaching their loved ones to drive.

So whilst your focus may be on your P Plate driver and their insistence on driving everywhere, you need to look at your insurance policy and ensure that you are covered should there be a little accident.

The fact that inexperienced drivers are many times more likely to crash than a seasoned driver is food for thought if you’ve not checked your insurance policy.

Your first course of action, call your insurer and ask them to add the learner driver to your policy. In some cases, the insurer may not be willing to do so, or if they do may charge extortionate premiums.

Another idea is for the learner driver to get their own insurance that covers them to drive other people’s cars, providing they are with a qualified driver over the age of 21 who has held their license for at least three years, some insurers may ask for the supervisor to be over the age of 25, either way you must adhere to the rules for your insurance to be valid.

Most insurers will only insure you to drive cars of a certain value, as they don’t want the expense of having to repair an expensive car if there is an accident.

If like many young drivers you don’t want to take out insurance, and you are struggling to get someone to take you out driving and when they do the whole episode is stressful, call Pedal’s Driving School. We take care of the insurance, you can book a time that suits you and we have dual controls so there will never be a situation we cannot handle.

Call now to speak to a quailed driving instructor at Pedals Driving School.

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