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Queensland’s tough new driving test mirrors real driving conditions

Since 2015 the Queensland Government have tightened the rules on driving tests to try and bring down the number of fatalities on the roads by young inexperienced drivers losing control of their vehicle.

The move has seen the Queensland learner drivers sit a much tougher driving test that focuses on potentially dangerous situations on the road instead of placing so much emphasis on the less life threatening skills needed, like parallel parking.

Those sitting their tests will be merging into lanes at high speeds and handling situations that drivers face daily.

There is a big focus on keeping a safe distance from the driver in front, as a large portion of road traffic accidents are backend collisions.

The rules are to safe guard the driver, other drivers and pedestrians, so speeding will not be tolerated and all learner drivers should be mindful to keep an eye on the speedometer.

A driving instructor will not just be looking for the driver to following instructions and appear safe, but there is a focus on the driver knowing the conditions and always being mindful of what and who is around them. Planning ahead is a big part of making safety decisions.

So whilst the test does cover more challenging skills, it should hopefully safeguard more people from unnecessary accidents. Learner drivers in the past have been ill equipped to deal with the responsibility of being on the road, this new test is preparing them and enhancing their skills to make sure Queensland roads are safe and the death toll is significantly reduced.

In light of the new testing and its requirements it would be beneficial to have some lessons with a qualified and reliable driving instructor like Pedal’s Driving School. Pedals Driving School can help you learn the skills needed to not only pass your test but to remain safe on the roads.

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