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Some hints and tips for learner drivers

Learner drivers have a lot to think about when they step into the car. Unfortunately, nerves can set in and hinder your driving performance so here are a few hints and tips to get you into good habits for the future.

  • Something you may not consider but it very important, is to choose the right footwear. You should be able to feel the car respond to your foot work.
  • When you enter the car you need to adjust the car seat and mirrors to you have optimum visibility and comfort.
  • Once in position fasten your seat belt.
  • Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre. Before any manoeuvre take a look in your mirrors and check your surroundings. Driving is all about being aware of what is around you, the mirrors can give you some of the story but you do need to move around and make sure you have plain sight before you move into traffic. Always let the other drivers on the road know what you are doing by signally correctly and not too early, so they can react accordingly.
  • Give way when you are supposed to at intersections and roundabouts, it’s important to obey road rules as this is what keeps us safe.
  • Don’t dwell on mistakes. Learn from any mistakes you make but try not to let them mar the rest of your lesson.
  • Practice is key. This is the one piece of advice that cannot be stressed enough. The saying, ‘Practice makes perfect’ is very apt in this situation.
  • Get a professional driving lesson. If you are being taught by parents, relatives or friends sometimes their bad habits can be passed down to you. It is a good investment to have a qualified driving instructor take you for a lesson and show you the test routes, how best to tackle any obstacles, and they should be able to assess your readiness for a driving test.

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