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Using a mobile phone when driving – the facts

Driving a car puts you in control of more than 3,000 pounds of steel. It’s a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly. When driving you need to use your complete focus and attention on the task at hand.

So whilst it is a commonly known fact that you are four times more likely to crash when using a mobile than not, it does not stop people texting and calling when on the road.

In light of the increasing number of people partaking in dangerous driving as a result of using their phone, the Queensland Government have tightened the rules on what is acceptable whilst driving.

So what are the rules;

  • Driving or waiting in traffic with a mobile phone in your hand or lap is illegal and is punishable with a fine and loss of points from your license.
  • You can stop on the side of the road safely to make a call.
  • As a learner driver, P Plater or probationary license holder under the age of 25 you cannot talk on hand-free.
  • A little known fact is that it is illegal for any passengers or supervisors in the car with a learner to have their phone on loud speaker as it is considered a distraction to the already inexperienced learner driver.

The general rule is to avoid using your mobile whilst driving or in traffic. The Queensland government cannot ignore the direct correlation between mobile phone usage and the increase probability of crashing. Driving whilst using a mobile device is a serious safety issue to not only you but to those around you as well.

Pedals Driving School focuses on safety as a priority. Teaching students not only how to drive and react in difficult situations, but also to have a social responsibility when behind the wheel of a car.

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